Inspired by the ever-changing ecosystems of this life, I wanted to create something that was everlasting--something raw, fearless, risky--for the people that didn’t want to fit in. I launched the first Unique Expozzure graphic tee in 2013, as a declarative depiction of the unveiling of the true self. In the likes of grunge fashion, it portrayed ripping away from the pre-conceived box which society imposes.


I found adoration in the power of fashion. From Unique Expozzure’s original design representing individual transformation to the current one inspired by a picturesque collaboration between America’s 13 colonies and the 5 great Native American tribes, my own conceptions of an ideal world came into fruition. Though strides for utopia seem dismal, through fashion it is always possible. Unique Expozzure is our opportunity to design through experimentation of fabric, music, art, technology, and culture.


Unique Expozzure is more than a clothing brand, it's a movement. Encompassing all mediums of art, Unique Expozzure constitutes unity, inspires the dreamer, provokes the rebel, and facilitates showing who you really are through fashion. We embrace change and challenge the status quo. We aim to connect different facets of existence, riding the gaps of fashion. With our pieces, we encourage every individual to embrace their own uniqueness. And, in a realm where fashion is dictated by labels, we strive to let only life dictate our design. Even with our inhibitions, we always remember "fear, like limitations, is often an illusion."


-Jeff Karly


Parsons School of Design, M.S.



Tory Lanez